Education Infrastructure Development


Why Infrastructure is important?

Evidence indicates that there is a direct relationship between educational infrastructure and educational performance, and that investments in educational infrastructure contribute to improve the quality of education.

  • Facilities offered by educational institutions affect the health, behavior, engagement, learning, and growth of the students.
  • High-quality infrastructure betters instructions and improves learners' academic performance and reduces dropout rates.
  • Institutions with good infrastructure, have an average 10 percent less teacher absenteeism.
  • Studies prove that poor building conditions such as leaking toilets, smelly cafeterias, broken furniture, classrooms that are too hot or cold, moldy walls and plaster falling off ceilings make students feel negatively about their institutions norms and expectations.

EdCrew helps schools, colleges and universities to modernize and upgrade by means of carefully designed and customized products and solutions.


Learning Space Design

As we revise & renew what and how we teach in educational institutions, there is a need of complementing learning spaces that echo a swiftly evolving educational landscape. These environments must be centered on integrating technologies and products while engaging the learners to foster new pedagogies. We help you in designing spaces such that the learning process becomes student-directed.

  • We help you in designing classrooms as per 21st century standards.
  • We help you design classroom spaces that aim to generate an atmosphere that promotes students' personality development, communication skills, group-effort, inventiveness and management skills.
  • We pay special attention to personalized learning for which we focus on the positioning of the students and the teachers in unique set-ups.
  • We make sure that the learning spaces that we propose mirror the rich culture of your educational institution. The designs are focused on endowing you with flexible and adaptable milieu to put up a range of innovative learning methodologies.
  • Most importantly, the designs are created while keeping safety and security concerns in mind.
  • Some of the qualities of our designs are: adaptability, flexibility, personalized, collaborative, precise lighting & colors; supports technological advancements; etc.

Technology Integration

For any modern classroom, technology is becoming one of the most essential components to thrive well in the education sector. The use of technology in schools is growing as it benefits students in constructive ways such as giving equal learning opportunities and facilitating learning at personalized pace. Rising from walled classrooms, learning methods have reached to boundary-less way of education through E-classrooms. While the end goal of knowledge attainment remains the same, the sources of education have drastically changed.

  • We help you identify, embrace and integrate right technologies, irrespective of offline or online learning models.
  • We help you to get your spaces digitalized with technology integration to enable more fun based and interesting learning.
  • We shape your designs to facilitate ease of learning and teaching.

Sports Facilities

The significance of proper and well managed sports and games in educational institutions encompasses more than just the advantage of physical agility.

  • We take the responsibility of setting up your whole sports facilities for the students from the foundation.
  • Our services include from preparing the sports arena for the players to providing the students with the needed sports equipment’s as well.
  • We set-up indoor/outdoor sports halls; indoor/outdoor swimming pools; changing rooms for players; coaches and trainers staff-rooms; multi-sports areas; tennis courts; basketball courts; handball courts; cricket pitches; cycling tracks; etc.

Besides The Above

We also help you set-up virtual/physical libraries and laboratories, subject-wise maker-spaces, adaptive technologies, educational toys, whole-school set-up, incubation centers, etc.

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