Digital Presence Management


For every school, college and university, digital presence is now a huge part of one’s identity. To build a strong digital identity, here are some of our services that will help you.

Website Design, Development, Maintenance and Optimization

  • Your website is often the first impression that all your stakeholders will see – be it students, parents, recruiters, community etc.
  • Your website should make the impact that your school, college or university truly deserves.
  • Nothing turns off your stakeholders quicker than a poor website – especially slow and non-responsive on mobile devices.
  • We help you with professional looking websites that will build ‘trust’ among your stakeholders.
  • We deliver user-friendly, engaging and impressive looking website, which is vital to your overall digital presence.

Search Engine Optimization

  • We optimize your website to help you get top ranking.
  • We create content to drive effective engagement.
  • Our focus is on increasing relevant traffic.
  • We enhance the ‘Trust’ factor.

Social Media Presence

  • We help you revamp public perception of your school, college or university.
  • We deliver high-value online content to draw traffic and we brand your school, college or university as a thought leader.
  • We run advertising campaigns to get highly targeted traffic.
  • We cover all the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Digital Newsletters

  • Newsletters are the strongest way to demonstrate how effectively your schools, colleges and universities communicate with your stakeholders – students, parents, alumni, community, etc.
  • We create ‘easy-to-read’ and ‘responsive’ designs.
  • We disseminate effectively to drive traffic to your website.
  • We share detailed reports and instant feedbacks.

Brochure Designing

  • When it comes to brochures, it’s all about the design and content. A great design and high-quality content will compel your stakeholders to read all about what you’re doing as a school, college or university.
  • We design admission and placement brochures as your most effective marketing and branding tools.
  • We understand your brand personality and design the brochure keeping the stakeholders in mind.
  • We also re-write your existing content in an effective manner.

Annual Website Maintenance

  • We regular monitor your website and continuously evaluate for any maintenance or revamp required, and ensure that it is always updated and relevant.
  • We regularly update content, take regular backups and clean malware if any.
  • We integrate it with social media tools and other software applications as and when required.
  • Round the year, we help you publish your latest notifications, events, blogs, articles, videos, photographs, new achievements, etc.

Besides The Above

We also help you create engaging content (videos, articles, blogs), increase followers, keep your stakeholders always updated, create opinion polls and contests, deliver e-mailers/SMS campaigns, etc.

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